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Our shampoo spap bar "Original Formula": non-allergenic and effective against greasy hair




Net weight: 65g

Our shampoo bars are handcrafted by cold process with much love. In comparison with the sample product shown, some imperfections in shape, colour or stamp may occur during production. This does not mean that you have received an inferior or inappropriate product. All our shampoo bars are checked regularly and only delivered when they have reached the right degree of maturity. Aesthetic errors do not damage the effectiveness of the shampoo and are a sign that our products are really handmade.

Our shampoo without perfume is the best care product for oily hair and for allergic scalps.

The manufacturers of hair care products offer their customers strongly scented shampoos whose perfume lasts for a long time after shampooing on the hair. Although many people are happy about this, there are several reasons to avoid synthetic fragrances.

Many perfumes contain phthalates: an ester normally used as a plasticiser for industrial plastics. However, these substances are also found in various perfumes and their use in cosmetics is viewed critically. According to scientific studies, phthalates have an effect on the human hormone balance.

Problems such as infertility, overweight and diabetes can occur in men. Since cosmetic companies protect their fragrance mixtures from other competitors, the substances used are not published on the packaging. It is therefore difficult to buy a men's shampoo with perfumes without phthalates. One can only read the reports of independent eco-testers who regularly analyse the chemical composition of cosmetic articles.

Perfumes are not only questionable because of the phthalates. Since the particles are obtained from different raw materials, animal, mineral and vegetable ingredients can be used in the reactions. Animal and mineral substances are not desired in vegan shampoos. As a rule, care products containing the term perfume in the INCI should be avoided.

The essential oils are obtained only from vegetable ingredients and can bring various health benefits. They concentrate in a few drops the properties of the original plants and are particularly effective for the hair and scalp.

However, their use may cause allergic reactions in susceptible individuals. Some companies try to develop exclusive fragrances by mixing several essential oils. For these products, the risk of triggering an allergic reaction increases significantly.

"We are convinced that avoiding certain ingredients is just as important as the choice of ingredients used. For our shampoo bar we rely on the properties of saponified vegetable oils. That is why we do not use any artificial substances that are potentially harmful to hair health."

Scientific studies that precisely identify the causes of the appearance of hair problems and sensitive scalps do not yet exist. Dandruff, seborrhoea and hair loss continue to affect many people around the world.

Even though various manufacturers claim that they have discovered the solution to hair problems thanks to the addition of certain substances, many people remain dissatisfied. Active ingredients are often only added in small amounts. On the contrary, the ingredients of conventional liquid shampoos are often questionable and too aggressive for hair and scalp.

In the shampoo bar "Original Formula" no special ingredient was added, but it works effectively against hair loss and sensitive scalp, precisely because it contains no artificial substances, such as parabens, surfactants, sulfates, perfumes and synthetic additives. No essential oil is added to the formula.

They are too strong natural remedies and can cause irritation to skin prone to allergy. Hair problems are only alleviated by a balanced mixture of vegetable oils, which are specially selected for hair care.

Although the formula of the shampoo bar "Original Formula" was specially designed to prevent irritation and allergies, it has a high cleaning power and is very effective against greasy hair.

  • Kokosöl

    Coconut oil: Rich in saturated fatty acids, it thoroughly nourishes and regenerates the hair. In our shampoo bar coconut oil is responsible for the cleansing effect and the production of the rich creamy foam.

  • Olivenöl

    Olive oil: higher content of antioxidants and cornerstone of the "Mediterranean diet". The olive oil penetrates very slowly into the skin and has an antibacterial and healing effect on the scalp.

  • Rizinusöl

    Castor oil: The only important source of ricinoleic acid makes the hair very soft and shatterproof. In combination with coconut oil it contributes to the creation of the pleasant foam of our shampoo bar.

  • Sonnenblümenöl

    Sunflower oil: It provides the hair with many different unsaturated fatty acids, such as linoleic acid and vitamins of groups A, D and E. Sunflower oil gives the hair a vital and healthy appearance.

  • Kakaobutter

    Cocoa butter: is considerably nourishing for scalp and hair. Thanks to its theobromine and polyphenol content, it has an important antioxidant effect and at the same time it easily stimulates the hair root.

  • Sheabutter

    Shea butter: a true concentrate of nutrients and vitamins. In our shampoo bar it is present in generous quantities. Shea butter is excellent against dry hair and heals the irritated scalp.

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