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Shampoo for men: By switching to hair soap silicone and other artificial substances are avoided!

Our hair soap offers a new natural hair care for men. Thanks to the properties of high quality vegetable oils, it naturally strengthens the hair and stimulates its growth.

Men are less interested in the new cosmetic products than women, and the purchasing procedures for their shampoos are usually quick and uncomplicated. In recent years, many care products have been introduced in drugstore chains that directly appeal to the male public. They are supposed to offer optimal care for the male hair, but most products differed from the female only because of the perfume. In shampoos for men, silicones and artificial substances are still added, which do not give them any aesthetic advantage.

Hair soaps for men

Our hair soaps bring many advantages to the male hair

Male and female ideal hair are not the same. When women like very thin and flowing hair, beautiful male hair is thick, soft and strong. In most care products, various artificial substances are added, such as silicones, which make the hair smoother. These substances do not give a special aesthetic effect to men, but they can contribute to the appearance of hair problems. Problems such as dandruff and hair loss are already genetic, but they can be aggravated if hair and scalp regularly come into contact with unsafe artificial substances.

The silicones seal hair and scalp. Hair looks healthy, but actually it dries out slowly under the artificial layer because it has no access to natural nutrients. The daily use of silicone-containing shampoos leads to the so-called "build-up". Since the silicone is waterproof, it is not removed with the hair wash and will deposit layer by layer over hair and scalp.

Our hair soaps are only made by hand from saponified vegetable oils and have the clear advantage of saving many artificial substances on hair during washing. Especially against hair loss and dandruff the essential rosemary oil can be helpful. Both natural ingredients stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and can alleviate the problems.

Environmentally friendly and practical: the conversion to hair soap is even easier for men.

The transition to hair soap is even easier for men than it is for women who normally use several silicone hair care products. Since hair soaps cannot work well when an artificial layer wraps the hair, women usually have to wait a certain adjustment time to break down this film and get beautiful aesthetic results with our natural shampoos. For men, it should work quite well from the very first application. Simply without rinsing it goes very quickly with the hair soap. Wet the hair, rub the soap directly on the hair a few times (this is how the luxuriant foam is created), massage the hair briefly, rinse the foam with water. Done! After washing, the hair looks very clean and soft, without the use of other care products. The use of our solid shampoos is also good for the environment. Plastic and artificial materials of nature are saved. Since our soaps are rubbed directly on the hair, no drop is wasted, as with the liquid shampoos.

Our hair soaps are the environmentally friendly solution for beautiful and healthy hair.

Good for men & good for women

We are convinced that men in particular can benefit from the switch to hair soaps. The silicone, which is used in many liquid shampoos, has no aesthetic advantage for the appearance of male hair. As a disadvantage it does not let the scalp breathe properly and can cause hair problems like dandruff and hair loss.Although we recommend our hair soaps especially to men, women can also do without artificial substances and wash their hair with our hair soaps. They offer a very pleasant experience even with long hair. Because the lush foam that our products generate can be easily spread over the entire length of the hair. However, depending on the previous consumption of silicone hair care products, the first applications of our hair soaps may produce unsatisfactory aesthetic results. After each hair wash with conventional shampoos, the artificial substances create a layer around the hair that does not allow any natural substances (including human sebum) to penetrate. According to the personal experience of women who have replaced liquid shampoos with hair soaps, this layer can be removed after a reasonable adjustment period. The experiences with hair soaps have been presented in various blogs. Our customers also share their experiences with our hair soaps with us.