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Golconda is plastic-free, vegan, honest and made for everyone


Golconda - sustainable products was founded in 2016 in Hamburg with the aim of introducing environmentally friendly products to the European market. Sustainability is taken into account through the selection of renewable raw materials and clean production processes. Our assortment consists exclusively of high-quality products, which are produced only using natural raw materials.

Our principals are as follows:


Consumer respect

Clear and transparent communication: We are always willing to receive your feedback and advice for improving our products.


Environmental awareness

We know that natural resources are limited, for that reason we only use effective ingredients with measurable benefits for the customer, without wasting resources or polluting the environment from the manufacturing process to the use.


Animal & Planet lovers

We do not want to harm any animals and the world we inhabit. That’s why all our products are vegan friendly, no animal testing, without any plastics involved in the packaging or composition and handmade with love under a fair pricing policy in Europe.

We don’t want to be like big companies, which claim miraculous properties to their products through striking media campaign while exploiting natural resources only to boost sales. More often than not, those products cannot fulfil promises because of the poor quality of their ingredients either that or the advertised ingredients are found in such small quantities that they have little to no effect on the body or hair. Golconda is proud to say we only use raw materials in significant quantities as long as they provide a real consumer benefit and not a simple marketing strategy.

We know that our resources need to be used in a conscious way because this is the real meaning of sustainability and environmental care, which does not only involve working with renewable materials but also knowing how to do our best when using limited resources. Based on this principle, before designing and placing a product on the market, we analyse the benefits of each ingredient assessing the environmental impact and also considering alternative uses.

Biodegradable material is another central pillar of our philosophy. We have therefore renounced the use of plastic entirely, opting for alternative sustainable storage and packaging.

Due to all of these reasons, we believe in our products and we want to make them available to all, fighting against the notion that natural means expensive, while protecting the environment for future generations. Only through consumption that takes environmental impact into account we can understand the problem and create an effective sustainable economy for all.

"We live in a dangerous era. The man dominates nature before learning how to control himself."

Albert Schweitzer, german doctor.

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