Golconda has created the first shampoo bar specially designed for men, drawing on natural ingredients that encourage growth and strengthen hair. 


Our shampoo bar will put your confidence in the plant power. We believe that the more natural ingredients we use for our products, the more effective they are. The reason for which, our product are highly-concentrated in natural ingredients in a solid form. We don’t use any artificial ingredients which may damage your scalp or harm hair growth, we don’t like chemicals for us and neither for you. After careful consideration of all properties of different vegetables oils, we have created our shampoo bar line, assuring deep cleansing that will strengthen hair. There are no secret ingredients, just the ideal proportion of coconut, olive, sunflower and castor oil, cocoa and Shea butter.
our range:

The new way to wash your hair: easy, convenient and efficient.

Shampoo bars are easier to use than liquid shampoo. The only thing you have to do is wet your hair and rub the bar directly on your hair. You will instantly feel how rich foam is formed for washing your hair as usual. You may repeat this as many times as you like, but just one wash should be enough for deep cleansing.

No animal testing, Vegan & Palm oil free.

We love animals, nowadays we are able to use technology for testing products without harming any living being.

More Pratical & Less Plastical.

Why store more plastics bottles in our shower? Our shampoo bar are perfect for traveling, doing sports or using in the gym and are allowed in airplane cabins.

You add the water.

We decided to give you our shampoo bar in its most natural and effective form, while you decide how much water you want to use.

*Liquid shampoos have between 70%-80% of water in their composition to enable the 15% surfactants to do their job (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, the most common type). In the remaining part are contained other synthetic substances potentially harmful for the health of the man and certainly harmful for the environment. 

For all men.

Designed to suit the needs of all men, moreover, we maintain a fair price, so that everyone is fully able to enjoy natural products, not the luxury for just the few.


All our products are manufactured and designed for arriving to our customers fresh and in perfect conditions. Thus, we can ensure that our products are handmade in Europe and packaged in biodegradable material, as jute. We literally leave no trace.